The creators of the original WoW share impressions from World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard decided to celebrate the imminent release of World of Warcraft Classic and invited

play the creators of the original WoW in a game that greatly influenced

their lives and careers.

The first half of the video is about Alex Afrasiabi, Tom Chilton, Jeff

Kaplan, Pat Nagle and Aaron Keller talk about creating the first quests,

the idea of the project, the beginning of development and much more. In the second half they

already share impressions of the game, as well as memories of the launch itself

the first version of the legendary MMORPG.

Choice of weapons

The gun skills present in & quot;vanilla & quot; WoW are back, as well

so, pumping the character, you will also raise the skill of possession

selected weapon. It is recommended that you select the type of weapon that is publicly available to

your class or specialization, and stick to it so as not to waste time

on mistakes during the fighting while the skill level is raised to the limit. How

usually, you should wait until you drop the weapon of the desired type.


This also applies to non-combat skills, like breaking locks for robbers.

It is better to wait for the maximum level. So you don’t have to kill

extra monsters just because pickpocketing failed.

Choose a PvE server

Playing on a PvP server will slow down the pumping. So if you don’t care which one

to play, choose PvE. In that case the only ones you’ve seen

the red names will belong to the monsters, not the players who are where

more dangerous than any mob.

Know your quests

If you are not familiar with & quot;vanilla", it is worth spending time watching guides and

chat with more experienced friends to learn the most effective

quest routes. Knowledge of the location need to kill the monsters and

planning of delivery quests, so you don’t have to run extra times, save

considerable time.

Alternatively, You can also install a questie mod that hosts the available

quests and goals on the map. 

The choice of class

The best choice for fast leveling will be a class with a high level of damage, not

relying on Pets and being & quot;pure & quot; combative, that is not

no tank or healer specializations. Mages and robbers will do better

in total.

Classes with Pets, such as warlocks and hunters, inflict a decent

damage, but are slow in leveling, because you get a decent pet only after

several levels, but they also have to constantly resurrect, summon

or feed the Pets. In addition both classes need special supplies —

arrows or bullets for hunters, or shards of souls for warlocks.

Alternatively, you can play as a tank (warrior or paladin), driving

mobs in a bunch and hammering to death, which works best if you play with

a friend specializing in damage.

Group or solo?

It doesn’t make sense for damage-dealing characters to play in a group, except

dungeons, as the experience for each killed mob will be divided equally.

If you still want to play in a group of friends, while quickly pumping to 60

of course, this is justified by the fact that you will complete quests faster. However

should be prepared for a small grind mobs.

The exception is hybrid classes or tanks. Pumping alone for them can

be extremely slow.

Prepare a place to dump things

Inventory management, especially green things for sale or

materials for crafting takes a lot of time. Create immediately

spare character, go them to the capital and Park there. You can

not only send him all unnecessary things to sell without wasting time on

hike into the city but also free up your main inventory. And you will

accumulate rest on & quot;banking & quot; character.

If you want to quickly pump, it is recommended to wait with professions

until you take level 60. «Collective» professions (herbalism, mining)

will slow you down, but they are worth it if you plan to do crafting later or

want to sell materials on the auction house to afford expensive

mounts 40 and 60 levels. It is worth noting that in WoW Classic for the extraction of resources

experience is not issued.

How to quickly pump up to 60 level in WoW Classic

At the launch of World of Warcraft Classic servers on August 27, some & quot;newcomers"

it may come as a surprise that progress in the iconic Blizzard game is so slow.

However, this is what attracts in WoW Classic-vanilla version will allow all of us not to

not only to remember the glorious times, but also to look at the content in a new way.

For some, WoW Classic will be a reference to the times when MMO was

more meditative and calmer, allowing veterans to focus on pumping

instead of endgame content. For others it is an opportunity to participate in

high-level PVP or raids / dungeons as they are

existed many years ago. If you belong to the second group, then your

attention will be focused on leveling up to level 60 and preparing for

«real» content.

Let’s look at some simple steps you need to take to

as quickly and painlessly as possible to pump in WoW Classic.

Dungeons vs Quests vs Grind 

In modern additions pumping spam dungeons (or Islands in Battle

for Azeroth) — this is the most effective way to score the maximum level.

However, due to the layout of the «vanilla» dungeons, and the difficulty in finding and

for bands for WoW Classic, this won’t work. If you have no friends

high-level ready to spend on the dungeons, will have to limit

a combination of quests with dungeons.

Fortunately, WoW Classic is stuffed with quests, and if you use

the advantage of XP bonus for the rest, you can get to level 60 and not at all

resorting to grind.

One of the elements in MMO are the functions of so called sharding and layers.

They are designed to work with the number of players on the servers —

zoom in, zoom out, or just control. With proper operation of these

what happens when players move to «layers» with a low population or

on the contrary, they create the effect as if they are not in these locations. 

However, now there are suspicions that layering mechanics in WoW Classic either

broken or just working with overload-many players report that

the supposed areas with a lot of players seem to be cities-


There is no cause for concern yet. Recently, a leading engineer-programmer

Blizzard’s Brian Birmingham talked about what feature thresholds are

server fillings were lower than those that will be available in the release version.

So this problem should be fixed by the release.

Game Director World of Warcraft commented complaints about queues at WoW Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is Packed with players. Tens of thousands are eager to do

immersion in so sweet nostalgia, truth there is the problem-people

just not enough space. And it is not only about queues on the servers themselves-in

in the game dozens of gamers are lining up in live queues to receive


Blizzard decided to answer a reasonable question, why was not launched more

servers to avoid thousands of queues. Game Director Ion

Hatzikostas explained the approach and the reason why too much is

not the solution.

From the very beginning of planning the launch we tried to prioritize

the long-term health of server communities by understanding that even if we

if we underestimate the volume, we will quickly be able to raise additional capacity in

the first hours. However, if we ran too many servers, then later

weeks or months, we’re in for a bigger problem. Despite the presence

tools, like character transfers to solve empty problems

of course, this process can create big problems for the community

that’s what we’d like to avoid.

In other words, Blizzard has chosen the number of servers so that even after

once the dust settled, there were enough players on them to maintain

a healthy community is. Since the launch, another 20 servers have been raised, however

there won’t be any new ones until these are full. 

Anyway, but we must understand that in the first couple of days after the release of the problem

with queues inevitable. Therefore, gamers in the queue should stock up


Bug in WoW Classic leads to

the appearance of Ghost towns

World of Warcraft Classic, returning WoW to its initial stages, will become

available to everyone on August 27. But the test version has been working for a long time,

and there a potential problem made itself felt.

service for the sake of WoW Classic

Last night, the world of Warcraft Classic servers officially launched, which

led to thousands of queues on servers. Players reported that

the number of people in front of them reached ten thousand, but even the expectation did not

always helped. In this regard, the Norwegian Internet provider Lyse decided not to

carry out routine maintenance so as not to lead to anger

fans of online games that have already spent enough time,

to get into the MMO.

Lyse has sent letters to its customers to inform them of the postponement

service on September 10. 

We planned to carry out maintenance of our infrastructure, but

drew attention to the fact that it coincides with the launch of World of

Warcraft Classic. We don’t want to upset the players because they are the same

important users to us, like the rest, so we put off

service until September 10

A very beautiful gesture from Lyse, which is worth learning and others. 

Shares Of Activision Blizzard

increased in price thanks to

the release of World of Warcraft Classic

On the day of the launch of World of Warcraft Classic the game had more viewers on Twitch

Facebook, Fortnite, Minecraft and GTA V with casinos were in the shadows. Investors and

stock market players also did not stay away.

On the day of the launch of World of Warcraft Classic the game had more viewers on Twitch

Facebook, Fortnite, Minecraft and GTA V with casinos were in the shadows. Investors and

stock market players also did not stay away.

In a very short time the shares of the combined company Activision

Blizzard rose in price by 6% to its peak value since November last year. By

at the same time, queues formed on the game servers, which signals a large

demand among players who have paid a subscription.

Also on Reddit there are topics in which fans of the game discuss the race

up to level 60. Some users suggest arming diapers for

adults, so as not to break away from the game once again.

Blizzard’s lawyers pointed to the game’s icon, which simply copies the cover the Battle for Azeroth addon for World of Warcraft

Blizzard’s lawyers pointed to the game’s icon, which simply copies the cover

the Battle for Azeroth addon for World of Warcraft. 

Blizzard Entertainment seeks fair trial for

damage to the company and its business. In particular, the Corporation requests

$150 thousand dollars for each violation of copyrights, and royalties

lawyers and others involved.

Norwegian Internet-

provider has postponed a planned

Blizzard sued Chinese developers Warcraft clone

In mid August Blizzard Entertainment filed a lawsuit in a California court,

claiming to be a free Glorious Saga game from Sina Games

almost completely copies Warcraft and related projects series.

Sina Games is a subsidiary Studio of the Chinese Corporation Sina Corp. Upon application

Blizzard, many of the company’s games are based on other well-known franchises, such as

like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Naruto.

Blizzard’s lawyers said the accused company benefited greatly

from the game Glorious Saga, infringing copyrights and attracting thousands of players

illustrations copying Warcraft. Blizzard said that even

names of characters from Warcraft, such as Jaina Proudmoore, Gul & #39;Dan and


Every monster, every creature, animal and vehicle in the game

were copied from the Warcraft series. Weapons, amulets and sound effects

were also stolen.

Blizzard increases WoW server capacity Classic

This week saw the release of World of Warcraft Classic, and we are with you

faced with huge queues to enter the game. After several days

discussion pandemonium Blizzard announced that significantly increases

the number of players who can simultaneously enter the game world. 

The Studio will closely monitor the stability of the servers to

this measure to increase the number of players on the server did not lead to unpleasant

consequences, such as queues for quests. Users previously

already complained about having to wait until it’s their turn to kill

quest monster.  

Players report that some servers still have queues of up to 10

thousands of people and we can only guess how much will increase the players

the server will cope with such big problems with entering the game. Yesterday

in the evening around 21: 30 on some European PVPRP servers queue

reached 5,000 people with an hour and a half waiting to connect.