The creators of the original WoW share impressions from World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard decided to celebrate the imminent release of World of Warcraft Classic and invited play the creators of the original WoW in a game that greatly influenced their lives and careers. The first half of the video is about Alex Afrasiabi, Tom Chilton, Jeff Kaplan, Pat Nagle and Aaron Keller talk about creating the first […]

How to quickly pump up to 60 level in WoW Classic

At the launch of World of Warcraft Classic servers on August 27, some & quot;newcomers" it may come as a surprise that progress in the iconic Blizzard game is so slow. However, this is what attracts in WoW Classic-vanilla version will allow all of us not to not only to remember the glorious times, but […]

One of the elements in MMO are the functions of so called sharding and layers.

They are designed to work with the number of players on the servers — zoom in, zoom out, or just control. With proper operation of these what happens when players move to «layers» with a low population or on the contrary, they create the effect as if they are not in these locations.  However, now […]

Game Director World of Warcraft commented complaints about queues at WoW Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is Packed with players. Tens of thousands are eager to do immersion in so sweet nostalgia, truth there is the problem-people just not enough space. And it is not only about queues on the servers themselves-in in the game dozens of gamers are lining up in live queues to receive quests’.  […]

service for the sake of WoW Classic

Last night, the world of Warcraft Classic servers officially launched, which led to thousands of queues on servers. Players reported that the number of people in front of them reached ten thousand, but even the expectation did not always helped. In this regard, the Norwegian Internet provider Lyse decided not to carry out routine maintenance […]

Blizzard’s lawyers pointed to the game’s icon, which simply copies the cover the Battle for Azeroth addon for World of Warcraft

Blizzard’s lawyers pointed to the game’s icon, which simply copies the cover the Battle for Azeroth addon for World of Warcraft.  Blizzard Entertainment seeks fair trial for damage to the company and its business. In particular, the Corporation requests $150 thousand dollars for each violation of copyrights, and royalties lawyers and others involved. Norwegian Internet- […]

Blizzard sued Chinese developers Warcraft clone

In mid August Blizzard Entertainment filed a lawsuit in a California court, claiming to be a free Glorious Saga game from Sina Games almost completely copies Warcraft and related projects series. Sina Games is a subsidiary Studio of the Chinese Corporation Sina Corp. Upon application Blizzard, many of the company’s games are based on other […]

Blizzard increases WoW server capacity Classic

This week saw the release of World of Warcraft Classic, and we are with you faced with huge queues to enter the game. After several days discussion pandemonium Blizzard announced that significantly increases the number of players who can simultaneously enter the game world.  The Studio will closely monitor the stability of the servers to […]