Blizzard increases WoW server capacity Classic

This week saw the release of World of Warcraft Classic, and we are with you

faced with huge queues to enter the game. After several days

discussion pandemonium Blizzard announced that significantly increases

the number of players who can simultaneously enter the game world. 

The Studio will closely monitor the stability of the servers to

this measure to increase the number of players on the server did not lead to unpleasant

consequences, such as queues for quests. Users previously

already complained about having to wait until it’s their turn to kill

quest monster.  

Players report that some servers still have queues of up to 10

thousands of people and we can only guess how much will increase the players

the server will cope with such big problems with entering the game. Yesterday

in the evening around 21: 30 on some European PVPRP servers queue

reached 5,000 people with an hour and a half waiting to connect.

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