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Blizzard sued Chinese developers Warcraft clone

In mid August Blizzard Entertainment filed a lawsuit in a California court,

claiming to be a free Glorious Saga game from Sina Games

almost completely copies Warcraft and related projects series.

Sina Games is a subsidiary Studio of the Chinese Corporation Sina Corp. Upon application

Blizzard, many of the company’s games are based on other well-known franchises, such as

like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Naruto.

Blizzard’s lawyers said the accused company benefited greatly

from the game Glorious Saga, infringing copyrights and attracting thousands of players

illustrations copying Warcraft. Blizzard said that even

names of characters from Warcraft, such as Jaina Proudmoore, Gul & #39;Dan and


Every monster, every creature, animal and vehicle in the game

were copied from the Warcraft series. Weapons, amulets and sound effects

were also stolen.

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