Choice of weapons

The gun skills present in & quot;vanilla & quot; WoW are back, as well

so, pumping the character, you will also raise the skill of possession

selected weapon. It is recommended that you select the type of weapon that is publicly available to

your class or specialization, and stick to it so as not to waste time

on mistakes during the fighting while the skill level is raised to the limit. How

usually, you should wait until you drop the weapon of the desired type.


This also applies to non-combat skills, like breaking locks for robbers.

It is better to wait for the maximum level. So you don’t have to kill

extra monsters just because pickpocketing failed.

Choose a PvE server

Playing on a PvP server will slow down the pumping. So if you don’t care which one

to play, choose PvE. In that case the only ones you’ve seen

the red names will belong to the monsters, not the players who are where

more dangerous than any mob.

Know your quests

If you are not familiar with & quot;vanilla", it is worth spending time watching guides and

chat with more experienced friends to learn the most effective

quest routes. Knowledge of the location need to kill the monsters and

planning of delivery quests, so you don’t have to run extra times, save

considerable time.

Alternatively, You can also install a questie mod that hosts the available

quests and goals on the map. 

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