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Game Director World of Warcraft commented complaints about queues at WoW Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is Packed with players. Tens of thousands are eager to do

immersion in so sweet nostalgia, truth there is the problem-people

just not enough space. And it is not only about queues on the servers themselves-in

in the game dozens of gamers are lining up in live queues to receive


Blizzard decided to answer a reasonable question, why was not launched more

servers to avoid thousands of queues. Game Director Ion

Hatzikostas explained the approach and the reason why too much is

not the solution.

From the very beginning of planning the launch we tried to prioritize

the long-term health of server communities by understanding that even if we

if we underestimate the volume, we will quickly be able to raise additional capacity in

the first hours. However, if we ran too many servers, then later

weeks or months, we’re in for a bigger problem. Despite the presence

tools, like character transfers to solve empty problems

of course, this process can create big problems for the community

that’s what we’d like to avoid.

In other words, Blizzard has chosen the number of servers so that even after

once the dust settled, there were enough players on them to maintain

a healthy community is. Since the launch, another 20 servers have been raised, however

there won’t be any new ones until these are full. 

Anyway, but we must understand that in the first couple of days after the release of the problem

with queues inevitable. Therefore, gamers in the queue should stock up


Bug in WoW Classic leads to

the appearance of Ghost towns

World of Warcraft Classic, returning WoW to its initial stages, will become

available to everyone on August 27. But the test version has been working for a long time,

and there a potential problem made itself felt.

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