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How to quickly pump up to 60 level in WoW Classic

At the launch of World of Warcraft Classic servers on August 27, some & quot;newcomers"

it may come as a surprise that progress in the iconic Blizzard game is so slow.

However, this is what attracts in WoW Classic-vanilla version will allow all of us not to

not only to remember the glorious times, but also to look at the content in a new way.

For some, WoW Classic will be a reference to the times when MMO was

more meditative and calmer, allowing veterans to focus on pumping

instead of endgame content. For others it is an opportunity to participate in

high-level PVP or raids / dungeons as they are

existed many years ago. If you belong to the second group, then your

attention will be focused on leveling up to level 60 and preparing for

«real» content.

Let’s look at some simple steps you need to take to

as quickly and painlessly as possible to pump in WoW Classic.

Dungeons vs Quests vs Grind 

In modern additions pumping spam dungeons (or Islands in Battle

for Azeroth) — this is the most effective way to score the maximum level.

However, due to the layout of the «vanilla» dungeons, and the difficulty in finding and

for bands for WoW Classic, this won’t work. If you have no friends

high-level ready to spend on the dungeons, will have to limit

a combination of quests with dungeons.

Fortunately, WoW Classic is stuffed with quests, and if you use

the advantage of XP bonus for the rest, you can get to level 60 and not at all

resorting to grind.

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