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The choice of class

The best choice for fast leveling will be a class with a high level of damage, not

relying on Pets and being & quot;pure & quot; combative, that is not

no tank or healer specializations. Mages and robbers will do better

in total.

Classes with Pets, such as warlocks and hunters, inflict a decent

damage, but are slow in leveling, because you get a decent pet only after

several levels, but they also have to constantly resurrect, summon

or feed the Pets. In addition both classes need special supplies —

arrows or bullets for hunters, or shards of souls for warlocks.

Alternatively, you can play as a tank (warrior or paladin), driving

mobs in a bunch and hammering to death, which works best if you play with

a friend specializing in damage.

Group or solo?

It doesn’t make sense for damage-dealing characters to play in a group, except

dungeons, as the experience for each killed mob will be divided equally.

If you still want to play in a group of friends, while quickly pumping to 60

of course, this is justified by the fact that you will complete quests faster. However

should be prepared for a small grind mobs.

The exception is hybrid classes or tanks. Pumping alone for them can

be extremely slow.

Prepare a place to dump things

Inventory management, especially green things for sale or

materials for crafting takes a lot of time. Create immediately

spare character, go them to the capital and Park there. You can

not only send him all unnecessary things to sell without wasting time on

hike into the city but also free up your main inventory. And you will

accumulate rest on & quot;banking & quot; character.

If you want to quickly pump, it is recommended to wait with professions

until you take level 60. «Collective» professions (herbalism, mining)

will slow you down, but they are worth it if you plan to do crafting later or

want to sell materials on the auction house to afford expensive

mounts 40 and 60 levels. It is worth noting that in WoW Classic for the extraction of resources

experience is not issued.

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